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Right from our humble roots back in 1997 we've been forging a new standard of quality and customer service that sets us apart as one of the most preferred suppliers of industrial packaging in Warwickshire & the West Midlands. It's not just our next day delivery service or quality level, but it's the energy and enthusiasm with which we deliver, the inbuilt passion for packaging that drives us to create something new and special, the integrity with which we hold to our promises, and our humility and sincerity in accepting and righting our mistakes if ever we make one.

Packaging with Humility & Sincerity

We are human here and humans do have good days and bad days so we won't lie to you and tell you we get it right every time......but we can assure you that if we make a mistake, however small, we will rectify it in the shortest possible time-scale.

We understand your operations cannot stop or even slow down so as a team we are committed to rectifying mistakes before they become problems. That's why we believe it take Humility and Sincerity to deliver packaging to you consistently and correctly.

Packaging with Passion & Integrity

Does your packaging supplier put Passion & Integrity into their service? Here at Datec Packaging we do just that - infuse our service with passion and deliver your orders with integrity.

Maintaining a high level of quality takes passion and delivering orders on-time takes integrity, that's why we supply one of the highest quality product ranges on the market, and deliver your order to your door on-time and in full.

A Powerful Team

Our powerful team of well trained staff with a dedication to our company and the service you require gives us constant assurance that you will be looked after whoever has the responsibility of solving your packaging problem. This has always been one of our greatest strengths and will continue for your benefit.

As part of one of the Largest Packaging Groups in the UK we have access to a worldwide supplier database combining the most competitive sources with those who offer a very short delivery turnaround. We have proved we are buying packaging materials at keener prices than are available to other packaging businesses in the UK but we also keep fast-turnaround suppliers available to call on at a moment's notice. So by combining these two essential factors we can offer you a competitive price which we KNOW we can sustain.

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