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Solutions…when the chips are down and time is running out…


"Nothing is impossible, even the word itself says I’m Possible…"

Here at Datec Packaging our philosophy is just that, we provide our customers with packaging solutions when time is tight, when a client’s request seems unreasonable or when you are struggling with a difficult product to pack. We have a team of packaging specialists, backed with the knowledge and skill to design and deliver your solution within the shortest possible times.

  • Stock cartons for delivery at 5:00am tomorrow? – Yes we will drive through the night to deliver…
  • Bespoke Products on short lead-time? – Yes we can manufacture to your specification...
  • Packaging Solution Design in 2 hours? – Yes we have a wide range of experience we can draw on…
  • Packaging Consumables delivered same day? – Yes we can deliver same day to a large proportion of the UK…
  • A solution for a product that seems impossible to pack effectively? – Yes we’ve done a few of those!


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We can even design packaging so it saves you resources.

  • Are you short on time?
  • Not got the manpower to fulfil a job?
  • Need a space saving alternative because your warehouse is overflowing?
  • Need Just In Time stock deliveries?


Ok we admit we aren’t magicians and sometimes we do get a request which is beyond even our abilities but we can assure you of one thing, even if it seems impossible we will try every avenue possible to get what you need for when you need it and if we really can’t do it we will suggest alternatives and other options to explore.


So if you’ve got a demanding customer, a nightmare job, a tight deadline, or a disaster on your hands and you’re tearing your hair out…relax, Packaging ImPossible is only a phone call away and we get ultra-excited when we get a difficult request.

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