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We stock a wide range of mailing products to cover most standard mailing and fulfilment applications, wherever possible we design our stock range so that the dimensions are adjustable and therefore will cater for a diverse range of item sizes.


Here at Datec we understand your need for Bespoke Products that is why we have an unlimited range of bespoke options covering board colours, printing, sizing, and many more options designed to give you complete flexibility to create the perfect package. Contact our Sales Team today for more information.


Our Cartons & Cases Product List:

  • Twistwrap Bookboxes
  • Bookwrap Mailers
  • Corrilope Mailers
  • CD Mailers
  • Elastic Bands
  • Capacity Mailers
  • Board Envelopes
  • Mailing Envelopes
  • Coloured & Patterned Envelopes
  • Opaque Polythene Mailers
  • Padded Bags
  • Bubble Lined Envelopes
  • Bubble Pouches
  • Postal Tubes
  • Retention Packaging
  • Polythene Wrapping
  • Labels & Docs Enc Envelopes
  • Retention & Suspension Packaging
  • Self Adhesive Corrugated Paper
  • BDC Bulk Distribution Cartons
  • Large Format Mailing Wallets
  • Foam Lined Clam Shell Cartons

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