Retention Packaging : A Guide to Retention & Suspension Packaging

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A comprehensive range of Retention & Suspension Packaging. Here at Datec we endeavour to provide great value without compromising quality or service, this range of retention & suspension packaging is no exception with a great selection of budget targeted cost effective items and high performance alternatives tested to reliable quality standards.

What is Retention Packaging? Retention Packaging is a method of packaging which uses a thin film to hold or retain the item being packaged, the space around the product then becomes a protective crumple zone around the product. There are generally two types of retention packaging; one uses a sheet of film which is pre-glued to a cardboard base, the other utilises a machine to wrap a plastic film around both the product and the cardboard base.

Take a look at the few examples below and get in touch with one of our Packaging Specialists to discuss further.

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