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    Each year we analyse more ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact. As 2016 brings new challenges to the environmental area we are offering more environmentally friendly products as well as increasing recycling of cardboard and plastics.

    As you may well have found out helping the Environment does not come easily, but, it is a necessity. There is little things that we can do which all help, things like recycling our scrap cardboard, using MediDen polythene and Super Hexane palletwrapping films, swapping over to Dynaboard corrugated cardboard and asking for Deliveries on our Zoned Delivery Run, most of which SAVE money.



2016 News!

We’ve changed our range of book boxes from b-flute to m-flute.

The results have meant that less board is used; therefore more can fit on a pallet which has reduced transport and storage space. More sheets can fit into a packing box which means fewer boxes are sent from our warehouse and transported to our customers.

This has not however, had an effect on the quality of the products as the board has proved to be more rigid than before.


Click Here for an Environmental Analysis of your packaging materials

We offer an in depth analysis of the packaging materials that you use and submit suggestions for alternative products that you could use to cut your environmental impact, contact our Sales Team today to request your analysis.           


Click Here to download our Environmental Policy.


Look out for our Green Foot logo on products designed to cut your carbon footprint.



For a full Environmentally Friendly Solution choose products with our BIO logo. These products break down naturally, leaving little or no residue when the degrading process is complete.




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