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What makes us so Special?


To be honest we may not be the cheapest packaging company in this area every time (although we often are!) You may find someone out there who will offer you a special deal, but....
        Is It Sustainable??


Here at Datec we pride ourselves in our ISO9001 registration, Commitment to Providing Advanced Education and Training for our Employees and Environmental Policies.

The Competitive Edge


As part of one of the Largest Packaging Groups in the UK we have access to a worldwide supplier database combining the most competitive sources with those who offer a very short delivery turnaround. We have proved we are buying packaging materials at keener prices than are available to other packaging businesses in the UK but we also keep fast-turnaround suppliers available to call on at a moment's notice. So by combining these two essential factors we can offer you a competitive price which we KNOW we can sustain.


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to deliver a shot of enthusiasm, a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine and an unmatched range of stock and bespoke packaging materials to our customers along with an innovative approach to EVERY packaging difficulty.


Sourcing & Supply



We ensure we are not held to only buying from the most competitive source because such companies often experience manufacturing and logistics problems and frequently extend lead-times to compensate, if we were held to these companies we could not guarantee you consistent supply and that is what we know is important to you.
We know that if we don't get your packaging materials to you on-time your manufacturing and logistics processes grind to a halt and this often costs a lot more than first meets the eye, there is the cost of late deliveries and the negative image portrayed to your customers, the cost of staff standing around with nothing to do, the cost of shutting down and restarting manufacturing machinery, the cost of disorganisation and chaos in the yard when there is a back log of lorries to be loaded to mention just a few...don't let this happen to you.

Trust Datec Packaging to supply you competently and consistently.



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